Generated Leads for An US Hiring Solutions Brand

About - This was an AI driven hiring platform for companies to find pre-vetted developers & designers doing an ARR of $3 million.

Problem - Only SEO as an channel was working for getting leads and no paid ads channels was used which was an huge untapped opportunity.

Goals -

  • We had to generate top of the funnel qualified leads using their lead magnets and this audience will trickle down to the next stages of their sales automation journey.

Our Approach & Strategies-

  • We experimented with Google ads as an channel but the CPC was exorbitantly high which made the whole channel unfeasible.
  • Then shifted to Meta ads to target based on job positions, company names, etc to get them to provide their details in exchange for an Ebook.
  • We experimented extensively with various variables like placements, targeting, geographies, age, purchasing power, platforms, creatives to lower down the cost per lead.
  • Using our UTM parameter framework we backtracked targeting on ads platform with the quality of leads it generated to further refine on the same.
  • We also used the existing customer data to target old customers and also create an lookalike audience of the same.

The Results-

  • Reduced the cost per lead overtime by 30%
  • Increased the CTR of ads by 1.5%