2X Increase in Leads For Australian B2B Manufacturing Brand

About - A globally recognized brand which manufactures mining equipment like rock breakers, undercarriage parts for excavators, and other tools. They sell across Australia and New Zealand.

Problem - They desired to increase the visibility of their Salons and footfalls in their stores across locations.

Goals -

  • To generate qualified leads through Google ads at the lowest possible cost per lead

Our Approach & Strategies-

  • We initially structured campaigns for each of their product categories. Then we split them based on performance to double down on the best performing ones.
  • We highlighted the solutions to pain points which the customers would face using Google ad extensions and ad copies which helped us improve CTR.
  • Analysed zip code wise performance & excluded the low performing zip codes which helped increase the conversion rate.
  • Optimised the website for keywords and also improved the page load speed to provide better user experience to website visitors.
  • Used different keyword strategies to increase the visibility and drive more traffic to the stores.
  • Scaled budgets horizontally by creating multiple campaigns to make sure the cost per conversion does not increase significantly

The Results-

  • Increased Qualified leads generated by 2X where the potential conversion value is in thousands of dollars.
  • Improved the conversion rate by 2.5%
  • Was able to increase leads without much increase in cost per lead