6x Increase in Sign-Ups and 75% Reduction in CAC

About - A Fintech company backed by Y combinator provides a seamless investment platform consisting of personalised wealth advisory and compliance services to Indians living abroad.

Problem - They wanted to penetrate geographies with a high NRI population but were unable to reach the right audience.

Goals -

  • Find the most lucrative market and reach the right audience
  • Focus on acquiring good quality leads

Our Approach & Strategies-

  • Experimented with various Indian interest targeting and found some high converting audiences which we doubled down on.
  • Enhanced user experience through website optimizations like fixing header on the top of the website interface resulting in increase in the conversion rate.
  • Tested audience cohorts tailored to diverse NRI populations across geographies.
  • Drafted creative copies addressing the pain points of the NRI users.
  • Created UGC content by onboarding credible NRI influencers.
  • Conducted A/B tests on static creative assets which helped us recognize high performing CTAs and other creative elements.

The Results-

  • Scaled users by 6X while simultaneously reducing CAC by 75%
  • Improved CTR by making more UGC content.
  • Identified unique targeting strategies which increased conversions by 2X