Reduced CAC by 80% For Fintech Brand

About - Fintech app which is a one stop solution for tracking, investing and making money decisions. The brand is backed by some of the top VCs & Angel investors in the country.

Problem - Their targeting was too broad. The ad account structure was not as per best practices. The ads were not optimised for the right events.

Goals -

  • Grow month on month by 30%
  • Focus on acquiring good quality users
  • Re-engage ads to upsell and cross sell

Our Approach & Strategies-

  • Created a full funnel campaign structure from awareness to conversion
  • Tested various audience cohorts and found some high converting audiences which we doubled down on
  • Scaled campaigns strategically weekly to not impact CAC
  • Extensively tested creative hooks based on audience pain points
  • Tried alternative customer journeys like webapp

The Results-

  • Scaled users by 3X while simultaneously reducing CAC by 80%
  • Identified ideal targeting which increased conversions by 2X
  • Increased CTR by making more video content