10X Increase in Organic Website Traffic Using SEO

About - Healthcare startup providing comprehensive solutions for women with wellness concerns like PCOS/ PCOD, Period Issues, Thyroid, Infertility and Weight Gain.

Problem - They had launched their programs and were only depending on paid channels for getting customers. There was a huge untapped potential for SEO.

Goals -

  • As a Top of funnel channel reach ideal customers
  • Improve their website traffic month on month

Our Approach & Strategies-

  • Created well researched blog content
  • Optimised blogs for better readability and on page seo
  • Improved user experience by optimising, core web vitals for site speed & better UI/UX
  • Strategically internal linked pages to improve rankings for other pages

The Results-

  • Achieved immense growth with an DR of just 18
  • Improved website organic traffic from 5k to 60k per month in 10 months
  • Ranked #1 for many keywords
  • Generated sales using the highly relevant traffic