Scaled Cafe Revenue By 20% MoM

About - India’s first experimentative coffee brand that runs one of the best cafes in Bangalore and has its own product for D2C

Problem - They were getting limited visibility online which resulted in lesser walkins to their cafe. Their online sales were very low & their social media growth was also slow.

Goals -

  • Grow their cafe revenue month on month
  • Increase their online sales
  • Increase their followers on Instagram

Our Approach & Strategies-

  • Optimised their Google business listing for local SEO by including keywords, adding more images & information to improve the conversion rates
  • Used Google ads to run local store, performance max & search campaigns which helped them generate more online visibility. We used Instagram/FB ads to build brand awareness & boost posts.
  • Ran campaigns to targeted audiences using Google & Meta ads to boost their breakfast & dessert sales at the cafe.
  • On Instagram we built their social calendars for every month. Ran influencer campaigns, giveaway’s & more.
  • We put together a unique brand positioning to make sure they stand apart & used this across all communication on different channels of marketing
  • Created products listings & brand store on amazon. Ran PPC campaigns on amazon to scale up the sales.

The Results-

  • Increased Instagram followers from 2k to 4.5k
  • Consistently grew the revenue of the cafe by 20% month on month
  • Scaled their online sales from 5X using amazon marketing
  • Reduced their CPC on Google Ads by 50%