Generated Qualified Leads By Ranking on 1st Page

About - Seed funded SaaS startup in the noCode space that helps companies digitally transform and manage every aspect of their business.

Problem - They had just launched their products and very little organic traction. Their website domain was also brand new.

Goals -

  • Rank for their main product keywords on the 1st page
  • Improve their organic traffic by 30% quarter on quarter
  • Start getting leads for their products.

Our Approach & Strategies-

  • We constantly created 15 blogs & pushed them out constantly every month. These were put together based on intense SERP, keyword & competitor research
  • Drove high quality backlinks with a DR of greater than 70 which helped improve the rankings
  • Created E-books based on keyword reserch to act as lead magnets
  • Built a FAQ & Glossary section on the website to go after low hanging keyword opportunities
  • Worked on On-page seo & technical seo to make sure we have the website hygiene in place

The Results-

  • Ranked their product page on the 1st page in Google
  • Improved the DR from 28 to 35
  • The health score improve from 85% to 94%
  • Grew their organic traffic by 3X in just a few months