Achieved a ROAS of 5 for a US-based D2C brand

About - An USA based gifting D2C ecommerce brand primarily using its website to generate sales.

Problem -

  • They were unable to scale on Google ads even though meta was doing well
  • The ad account was not structured and well planned
  • Low AOV product so low CAC was vital

Goals -

  • Focus on scaling without drastically increase acquisition cost.
  • Increase the returns on ad spend (ROAS) of Google ads

Our Approach & Strategies-

  • Initially made sure all the hygiene is in place by setting up accurate tracking, optimising all campaigns for purchases only, structured campaigns for better performance.
  • Used Single Theme Ad Group (STAG) strategy to categorise search ads into relevant product category ad groups, which helped with easier account management.
  • Experimented with the then newly launched Performance max campaigns to scale on budgets and make sure we’re covering all placements on Google ads
  • Pushed ads more focussed towards bundles and made sure there are upsells on website to increase the average order value.
  • Analysed the UI/UX using heatmaps and user recordings to improve the user experience with the goal of reducing drop offs.

The Results-

  • Achieved an ROAS of 5 while simultaneously scaling the ad spends.
  • Witnessed an increased AOV of 25%
  • Google ads as an channel was profitable and performance better than Meta ads
  • This success led to expansion plans in neighbouring country