3x Increase in Leads for a Leading EdTech Brand

About - An edtech company which is one of India’s leading bank exam preparation platform having over 3 million + customers.

Problem - They were unable to reduce their cost per lead overtime and were not able to generate direct sales from their ad campaigns.

Goals - To reduce the cost per lead by 30% and scale their campaigns for their peak seasons by 2X while keeping the cost per lead constantly low.

Our Approach & Strategies-

  • Tracking - We set up Google analytics and Lookerstudio dashboards to track user behaviour and analyse the funnel. This helped us take decisions quickly with real time data
  • Google Ads Lead Gen - We doubled down on Dynamic Search Ads & Performance Max campaigns to generate high quality leads. This helped us reduce the cost per lead by 50%.
  • Google Ads UAC - We constantly optimised their creatives to bring down their cost per app install by 60%. Using result focussed & social proof based creatives helped us achieve this
  • Google Ads YouTube - We used YouTube/Video ads to retarget Middle of Funnel & Bottom of Funnel audiences which helped us generate more sales & leads. We also built brand awareness using these channels.
  • Facebook Ads - Used this channel to generate final sales for their paid products using conversion campaigns. We constantly experimented with different audiences & narrowed down to the best performing ones helping us achieve an ROAS of 5.

The Results-

  • Reduced their Cost per lead by 50% while also increasing their leads by 2.5X
  • Reduced their Cost per install by 40% over time
  • Built a full fledged successful ads funnel from brand awareness to retargeting
  • Improved the ROAS of sales campaigns to 5 from 2